Stein Club Rocks!

Himmel Haus Stein Club Has Launched! Our first two meetings have been incredibly productive:

We’ve learned some proper German terminology for bier culture, learned the polite way to “Prost”, sung a few bier drinking songs, played a few drinking games, drank a lot of bier, and met a lot of cool people along the way!

Check out the Stein Club  [insert link:] page on the website and keep your eye out for a new Facebook page dedicated to all things Stein Club!

Note Our Upcoming Events:

4/7 — BIER FEST! Oh yes, we’re doin’ it and you should either enter or come watch ‘cause it’s bound to be hilarious!

4/10 — Next STEIN CLUB MEETING, starts at 7:00pm sharp (followed by Wednesday Night Trivia)

4/20 — First Official PUB CRAWL, our first field trip will be a local Pub Crawl in the Himmel Haus bus on Saturday, April 20th (members only)

Stay tuned for more details on all of the above! Ein Prosit!